B is Taking a Break!


Wow…it’s been an extremely busy summer so far with three sales now behind me, overseeing and building a new house, selling our existing house and all the cleaning and staging that go along with that , packing down (how did I accumulate so much?), working on yard and garden, one child graduating, one getting engaged and two new grandchildren born in June. Family, visitors coming…not to mention just the simple day to day commitments. With all the activity, it would be insane to keep going at this pace! So, I believe a break is now due….a nice long one! Don’t know when I’ll be back… but I know it will be the best thing for me and the family before we all go insane! Hope to kick back, relax, travel a bit and enjoy our new house (decorating quickly being top of the list). Have a great summer everyone!

This is my sweet son last summer and I thought this accurately depicts what we plan to do for awhile…enjoy life!



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  1. Aj Ashbrook says:

    Hi Barbara,
    Hope to hear from you regarding our emails before you leave for your well earned vacation.
    Please contact me ASAP – 403-287-9588 or aashbrook@herculesfreight.com
    Aj Ashbrook
    Hercules Forwarding
    Calgary, AB

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