Sunroom Progress


I’m so excited….beyond words, to see the sunroom come together! We’ve had several people over and word is getting around about our project. Local designers, home builders and other business people have dropped in to see first hand what we are doing and how it is being done. The ceiling and beams in the loft and sunroom are the highlight right now. A collaboration between myself and Rick Rempel (our design/artist extraordinare) came up with a “recipe” for the treatment and finishing steps to make a truly beautiful old world finish. We have a winning team! Of course, shortly after we were like little kids because we couldn’t wait to put the lighting up and see the effect!










The Beams are Going Up!


It’s been quite the task to get these beams up in our house! But the wait has been totally worth it. They are absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to get to the house every day so I can stare and admire them…when the sun starts to set and the light comes through the windows, the room just glows and the beams looking even more spectacular. I never thought I’d own such a place! Love them!! We next hung our three refurbished chandeliers which was quite a challenge but again, just finished off the room beautifully. With some extra beam material we plan to make some benches for the window seats….next finish off the metal railings and stairs for the upper office and do the flooring. Almost there!







A Romantic Weekend in Vancouver


Just before winter hits us on the prairies, my husband and I decided to make a little getaway to one of my favourite cities, Vancouver! It is absolutely gorgeous there this time of the year with all it’s majestic elm and oak trees in full yellow and orange fiery leaves….it rained a bit the first day, but such is Vancouver! The rest of the weekend was a glorious cool, crisp fall setting. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of my favourite stores, The Farmhouse, Country Furniture, The Cross and Heather Ross, a little shop we discovered near Granville Island. Along the way, cascades of shop flowers spilled over the streets.



Heather Ross’ shop is one of my favourite stops! It’s a small artsy little place, she is such a kind, bubbly personality and is always in her element surrounded by her personal artwork and creations. Right now her store is themed in a beautiful transparent sea haze green. Vintage pottery, glassware, personal soaps, candles and scented creams along with antique linens and eurostyle farmhouse antiques decorate the shop. It was dusk (already arriving at 4:30pm!) when we arrived and the sunlight streaming through the window and vintage glassware was stunning.






Another favourite stop is Farmhouse on S.W. Marine Drive. They had the cutest garden houses I’ve ever seen! Built from architectural salvage pieces, every one is unique…I’d love to try one of these sometime.




It was a lovely time…